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Wonder, Discover, Awe - 11/9/2019

I’ve been working with DON (dose of nature) recently. As part of my investment in their program I have taken to spending regular time in nature. Some of the experiences have been amazing. The training program included experiential exercises which looked at experiencing nature through the five senses:
Visually :
We benefit from looking at nature because nature is built up with fractals. The eye finds fractuals relaxing as the repeated patterns of nature are easy to take in. 
The sounds of nature such as bird song, the sound of running water. Wind rustling through the leaves of trees opens is up to the three dimentionality of nature. 
The earth contains beneficial phytoncides which are inhaled. The bacteria in the earth, chemicals emitted by trees as they communicate with each other as just some of the complex smells nature emits
The sensation of sunlight on our skin, the feel of our bodies as we engage with nature either, walking or other activities

Taste: Blackberry hunting in summer anyone. There are plenty of edibles available for those in the know. 

The key to embracing nature is to slow down and let your curiosity take you over. When I engage with nature I find myself following a pattern of wonder, discover, awe. As I wander through a wood, for example, something catches my eye, a tree or a path, and I move closer to inspect or find something about it I could not see from further away. As my focus intensifies I feel awe as I lose myself in the infinity of nature’s possibilities, the cycles of birth & death, the polarities of decay & renewal, and the appreciation of myself as a body, an organic entity, a mobile, visiting and then leaving. Nature has been here a long time and it will be here when we’ve all gone.

A lesson I have learnt is that nature is a safe place to be spontaneous. To walk up to that tree, to take a different route, to try something different as nature speaks to you and invites you to sit down on that bench or look at the clouds in the sky. I often say to myself when I am in a forest and not sure where to go “let the forest guide me”. I am happy to be in their hands. I am who describes myself, but not that description.

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