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How do I find the right therapist?

Deciding to have therapy can be easy or difficult, finding the right therapist is never easy and it can be risky. It is a bit like dating, you are selecting a stranger and you cannot predict the outcome.

There are some steps you can take:

1/ Choose someone whose practice is easy to get too.
2/ Think about the goals therapy might help you reach *
3/ Use your intuition when selecting a therapist

* Ask yourself these questions

1/ Do you want quick results?
2/ Do you think your past holds the answers?
3/ Are you lost?
4/ Unable to break specific unwanted patters
5/ Are you looking “just to talk to someone”
6/ Is it a combination of these things
7/ Get a vague overview of the different approaches (psycho dynamic, Humanistic, CBT, art / creative therapy)
8/ Sent out some emails, make some calls
9/ Pick someone!

The key to finding the right therapist is finding one you can build a relationship with.
You should feel a connection straight away.

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